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  • Peter Midani I want to post an update to the JE Store Estimated Shipping Disclaimer Please note that shipping charges are estimated and do not take into account multiple, oversized packages or insurance. We estimate shipping costs in order to keep shipping costs as minimal as possible. Actual shipping charges will be calculated and added when your order is processed. If there is a significant increase in shipping your order will be held and you will be contacted. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you. If the shopping cart failed to properly calculate shipping cost and your shipping amount was not reflected in your online shopping cart receipt, we will calculate it manually only charging you our actual cost. If you would like to be notified about the shipping amount before we ship your order, please place a note to notify you in the "Special Instructions / Notes" field during checkout. This may be due to the service you selected being unavailable for your location, formatting issues, malformed Postal/Zip codes, items weighing more than 150 lbs. or your order being split into multiple packages.
    Sep 17

  • JulieMJ Good morning have a happy Sunday.\ud83d\ude42
    Sep 19

  • Bron You need to regain your site back
    Sep 20

  • Amanda I am not feeling so well something I ate today Made me sick To my stomach \ud83e\udd22\ud83e\udd22\ud83e\udd22
    3 hours ago

  • StephLovesMJ Hello Everyone :)
    Sep 8