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    Laws and Facts

    It's never too late to learn and it never hurts to learn new things!
    led by JazzJett23

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    This is my online store for next year this is just a sneak peek of what I'll be making and selling.
    1. Bracelets
    2. Necklaces
    3. My own...  more
    led by JazzJett23

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    Michael Jackson is wonderful

    You're an amazing friend
    led by JazzJett23

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    Michael Jackson, I really really Like you

    Michael Jackson, you are the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, most loving, warm-hearted, most amazing, and incredible Christian man I've ever met. You are so down to earth and you are loving. I hope you will read this and I hope you enjoy this group I am...  more
    led by JazzJett23

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    This group is for member that BeLIEve Michael Jackson is ALIVE
    led by 2000 Watts