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    Protecting Peter Midani from E Casanova

    E Casanova is a pedophile he has gotten surgery to look like Michael Jackson and he talks to underage girls over the phone so now he's suing Dean Morrow for exposing him. This group is to protect Peter Midani and prove to Peter that E Casanova is bad I'm...  more
    led by Jazz

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    My Youtube channel

    I woke up this morning to check up on my Youtube channel and it already has 1.1k views in the last 28 days that's crazy but amazingly awesome. To my future fans thank you so much for the views and likes and thanks to those who subscribed to my channel...  more
    led by Jazz

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    Michael Jackson Death Hoax

    Hi everyone, Here is to prove to you that our loved Michael Jackson is not dead and he is still alive. This will be in separate posts. Michael Jackson ain't dead. He faked his death to escape hate and his fame from false allegations.
    Michael Jackson...  more
    led by Jazz

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    Appreciation For Peter Midani

    Celebrate Peter- write songs, poems and come to the dance party. In appreciation for the hard work, members wish to dedicate personal gratitude and celebrate together. Peter, you work so hard and you're always working on Jackson's empire and you never...  more
    led by Jazz

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    This group is for member that BeLIEve Michael Jackson is ALIVE
    led by 2000 Watts