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Anything For You

  • They'd die for us.
    They'd kill for us.
    Heck, they'd sell their souls to the devil to salvage ours.
    Yes, their bodies are made carry us.
    Mothers I mean 
    Their softness, physical and emotional, to accommodate and handle us at our most delicate.
    Their dedication to be there for us, even at times when nobody else is.
    Because there are times that nobody wants anything to do with us.
    Sometimes from our own doing,
    Sometimes because they suck.
    But SANE mothers, they'll have our backs on our way back up regardless.
    They literally sacrifice their bodies to bring us to being,
    More often than not sacrifice their wellbeing for us,
    And in unfortunate cases, sacrifice their lives,
    Sometimes to their spouses, sometimes to their employers, and sometimes to random people that we provoke in our stupidity.
    So when your mother tells you she might swallow you, take you back into her stomach for being annoying,
    Or when she's on your case to make certain decisions,
    Understand her even when you don't agree.
    For a good mom,
    She'd die for you.
    She'd kill for you.