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TJ Jackson statue motive on new EP 'MMM'

  • TJ Jackson has used a statue of himself on his new project. When asked the reason on a zoom chat with fans, Jackson stated he didn't have much to do with the concept and it was his art director's call. They both admitted to the similarity to the HIStory Statue.


    Dream Girl



    A Night to Remember



    More info about the project's title 'MMM were given during that zoom session, that could be related to HIStory.

     TJ revealed that the three 'M''s stand for 'Magic, Mystery and  Memories" in thee 3 stages of a Relationship. 

    Magic - is the feeling you get in the start

    Mystery - wanting to get to know each other more 

    Memories - you create together into a bright future


    It is only my interpretation, but it communicates "Past, present and Future".


    To be continued..