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Katherine Jackson

  • “I tried to teach Michael about the world through documentaries. One day, Michael and I watched a film about the less fortunate children in Africa. The state of their lives brought us to tears. Michael, sympathetic at the age of 14, turned to me and said, ‘One day, mom, I’m going to do something about it’.

    Many years later, he did. Michael surprised me on a trip to New York. We went to the airport hangar where I witnessed boxes of food, goods and emergency supplies being loaded onto several planes lined up on the runway. I was proud to know that my son followed his words”. 

    Katherine Jackson in her book ‘My Family, The Jacksons’

  • Deleted Member "My goal is to change the world…and to change the world’s consciousness about children, about ecology and the planet, to make it a better place for everybody, starting with the children. That’s the future, really. And, I’ll stick with it forever,...  more
  • Deleted Member “The first time the J-5 did a benefit at a children’s hospital, Michael came home and cried all night at the memory of all those sick children lying in beds, some not even able to move their hands to clap. That is when he became actively involved in...  more
  • Deleted Member "I asked him, “Michael, how can you do that? How can you spend the time with these children who are dying and then go from that, on stage and give that kind of performance?” He said, “How could I not? If these children want to see me, I know I’m...  more