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Wylie Draper

  • Let’s just get into it:

    We all—if not MOST—know about Wylie (Draper). A lot of have seen The Jacksons: An American Dream and at some point, learned of Wylie, and of course, his untimely and tragic death at the age of 24. I remember I was 14, well about to be 14 around this time specifically, in 2010. (I will be 26 this coming Sunday) I was in the 8th grade and the movie used to play a lot on television. This was around the time in late October just before the holidays when I watched it. I had seen snippets of it here and there before, but didn’t know it was about The Jacksons until after Michael’s death, a year prior. I was at my grandparents’ house and I wondered who played michael in the movie. I had just gotten my first ever laptop from my grandmother (mom’s mom) and funny enough, my grandparent’s (dad’s parents) didn’t have wifi so I had to go to a certain part of the house to steal the neighbors wifi (tee hee) I was on Google and typed in the movie’s cast list and that’s when I learned of Wylie. Oh I was oh so sad and shocked. I was confused as well and I kept refreshing the page to be sure that it was real! I had vowed from that day forward to keep his memory alive. I got in contact with his brother, Al,  in 2020 on messenger and I speak to him on every occasion, just to check in on the family. Since his death, his mother, father, and other eldest brother have also passed away. 

    I would like to start this thread off and open a conversation with you guys to tell of your experiences of Wylie (if any of you have any) and how much of a job well done he did of portraying Michael. He was such a dream almost like he was never hear. Please comment below to keep the conversation going.