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How I became a MJ fan

  • To be honest I heard the word "MJ" but never saw his performance or anything. Being from Asia and a conservative Muslim family we don't watch movies or music in our home and internet was not readily available in atolls households untill about 2011.Before that it was really expensive and only available in offices. We grew up some how watching Indian TV series and national TV channel. I'm now 30 but growing up I heard his famous name and the rumours. Never saw him. Now I grew up and after getting married in 2009 I went to a medical trip to India and usually we go to hotel room for just sleep after busy hospital days. But this particular day was a holiday so we were in hotel room switching between channels and every TV channel was about king of pop's so called death. This time I happened to see people crying and all those stuff on TV. I didn't felt anything because I don't know him or his music. Only thing I heard was the rumour of him being a homosexual and other stuffs about kids. So watching news I was like oh, so this is this person called Michael Jackson. ..... At the time I don't know anything about conspiracy theories, illuminati, music industry anything. To be continued \ud83d\ude04
    All the moonwalkers love to be with you.
    Take care \u2764\ufe0f Michael I really love you as a person \u2764\ufe0f \ud83d\udc9e because I saw you as a person before your music. Which is the next part of this story \ud83d\ude03.