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Recreation & Play: Why the most childlike are also the most

  • I usually post these things on other accounts of mine, but considering the nature of this particular subject, I thought it would be much more appreciated here than on any other site:

    *Recreation & Play*

    Whereas recreation is seen as the means to relaxation in our free time, it can also mean 'to create again'. But to create what again?
    Why are the arts as important to the soul as they are? Why is play as important as it is?
    Play is the act of pretense, be it in a game or in a movie. This pretense is not synonym with lie, but with mystery - the pure imagination that brings joy to the world. It recreates: a story, a character, a world in itself. When we play, we are not unlike the Creator, masters of mystery and of our own creation.

    "Truly I tell you, whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it." (Mark 10:15)

    What does this mean? Are we to become like children and play in order to have the mystery of God revealed to us? Yes.
    Play is not immaturity but spirituality.
    Spirituality is not at all seriousness. It is through the eyes of a child that we can truly see God - naked, without shame, without judgement, but in purity, acceptance and love.
    The psychological Peter Pan is not about lack of maturity, but about a maturity in embracing our inner child - fun, spontaneity, play and mystery. It is about learning to live - now about a 'how' and a 'why'. Recreation has no other purpose but simple joy.

    Therefore, our inner Peter Pan is not supposed to grow up. Do not condemn it, but let it live eternally inside of you
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