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Michael Jackson ‎- Immortal (Deluxe Version) Deluxe ed.

Michael Jackson ‎- Immortal (Deluxe Version) Deluxe ed.
Michael Jackson ‎- Immortal (Deluxe Version) Deluxe ed.

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Michael Jackson ‎- Immortal (Deluxe Version) Deluxe ed.

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IMMORTAL takes a fresh, creative approach in redesigning and reimagining more than 40 of Michael Jackson's greatest original recordings into a compilation that allows listeners to experience his music in an entirely new way. The album is the musical tapestry for Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour. The project was led by esteemed musical designer, Kevin Antunes (Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Madonna). After spending a year in the studio working with Michael's original multi-track master recordings, Kevin created IMMORTAL which offers listeners a new soundscape to Michael's artistry while preserving the power and familiarity of his unparalleled voice and his legendary tracks.

Kevin Antunes comments, "Michael's legacy as the greatest entertainer of our lifetime is inspiring beyond words. It was clear from the start that Michael's voice and overall musical essence was the sole/soul source of creative energy driving the project. From the studio to the stage, there's an undeniable integrity and resolute truth in Michael's vocal performances that are highlighted in the Immortal arrangements. It was built with love and respect for Michael's music, his family, and his millions of fans around the world."

IMMORTAL is sure to touch the hearts of passionate Michael fans as the album unfolds his musical legacy with redesigned versions of his hits, electrifying mashups and newly discovered outtakes fans have never heard before including an alternate take on the Jackson 5's "ABC" and a choir that Michael recorded for "They Don't Really Care About Us."

Fans are saying: "The music is incredibly exciting and it stands on its own as a listening experience. While no one can improve upon Michael's music, these remixes, mash-ups and enhancements, while intended for the show, give us the chance to hear Michael's music in a new and fresh way. All in all, it is a must have album for every fan of Michael's."


Immortal [Deluxe Edition]
Artist: Michael Jackson - Total Tracks: 15
CD 1, Track: 1: Workin’ Day and Night (Immortal version) (3:36
CD 1, Track: 2: The Immortal Intro (Immortal version) (3:70
CD 1, Track: 3: Childhood (Immortal version) (4:35
CD 1, Track: 4: Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (Immortal version) (3:80
CD 1, Track: 5: Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) (Immortal version) (2:27
CD 1, Track: 6: Dancing Machine / Blame It on the Boogie (Immortal version) (4:40
CD 1, Track: 7: Ben (Immortal version) (3:44
CD 1, Track: 8: This Place Hotel (Immortal version) (2:80
CD 1, Track: 9: Smooth Criminal (Immortal version) (1:59
CD 1, Track: 10: Dangerous (Immortal version) (2:41
CD 1, Track: 11: The Mime Segment: (I Like) The Way You Love Me / Speed Demon / Another Part of Me (Immortal version) (2:52
CD 1, Track: 12: The Jackson 5 Medley (Immortal version) (3:45
CD 1, Track: 13: Speechless / Human Nature (Immortal version) (3:20
CD 1, Track: 14: Is It Scary / Threatened (Immortal version) (5:30
CD 1, Track: 15: Thriller (Immortal version) (3:37
CD 2: Artist: Michael Jackson - Total Tracks: 12
CD 2, Track: 1: You Are Not Alone / I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (Immortal version) (6:80
CD 2, Track: 2: Beat It / State of Shock (Immortal version) (3:90
CD 2, Track: 3: Jam (Immortal version) (2:37
CD 2, Track: 4: Planet Earth / Earth Song (Immortal version) (4:10
CD 2, Track: 5: Scream / Little Susie (Immortal version) (4:45
CD 2, Track: 6: Gone Too Soon (Immortal version) (3:23
CD 2, Track: 7: They Don’t Care About Us (Immortal version) (3:37
CD 2, Track: 8: Will You Be There (Immortal version) (4:56
CD 2, Track: 9: I’ll Be There (Immortal version) (1:50
CD 2, Track: 10: Immortal Megamix: Can You Feel It / Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough / Billie Jean / Black or White (Immortal version) (9:80
CD 2, Track: 11: Man in the Mirror (Immortal version) (4:14
CD 2, Track: 12: Remember the Time / Bad (Immortal version) (4:39

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