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Michael Jackson Tribute - Heal The World - Child Prodigy Cover | Maati Baani

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Child prodigies across the globe come together to Heal The World! MaatiBaani - a world music duo from India pays a tribute to the King Of Pop- an artist that has touched millions of hearts through his music! Happy Birthday Michael, We miss You. We send our Love to each and every place in the world affected by violence with this endeavour because #LoveHeals. Original Song Composer / Performer : Michael Jackson Original Lyrics : Michael Jackson Rap Lyrics : Sparsh Shah Cover Produced by : Kartik Shah (Maati Baani ) Directed and Edited by : Kartik Shah Mixed and Mastered by : Devang Rachh Talent Co-ordinators - Aparna Ashok, Krupa Shah, Manish Shukla Colorist - Swapnil Patole ( Famous Studios, Mumbai) Video Produced by SuitCase MaatiBaani is a world music duo ( Kartik and Nirali ) who collaborates frequently with artistes from different countries and cultures. More about the band RAP ( written by Sparsh Shah "Purhythm") Save this world so precious, So blessed and so dear; Protect it's beauty and splendor, Don't let that disappear. Preserve our animals and plants, And humankind as well; So that our future generations, Can have a story to tell. Protect us from evil, And spread the word of good; Of peace, love, justice, Virtue and brotherhood. 'Cause we only have one Earth, And we can't waste our motherland; So let's move as one force, I think it's time to take a stand! ARTISTS Angelica Hale (USA) - VOCALS Capri Aliyah Everitt (Canada) - VOCALS Jordan Bijan (Canada) - VOCALS Sparsh Shah "Purhythm" (USA) - VOCALS Andranik Khachikyan (USA) - VOCALS Raina Dowler (USA) - VOCALS Brandon Niederauer (USA) - GUITAR C (Canada) - GUITAR Mic (Canada) - BASS Alisa Sadikova (Russia) - HARP Lydian Nadhaswaram (India) - PIANO Jonathan Carollo (USA) - WASHING MACHINE Kanade Sato (Japan) - DRUMS Freddie and Teddie Tisdale (USA) - TAP DANCERS Shayaan Udeshi (India) - TABLA Stef (Canada) - KEYS Leah Flynn (USA) - VIOLIN "The West Los Angeles Children's Choir" (USA) Christian Rice Scarlett Royal Andranik Khachikyan Sasha Skibo Lillian Grace Tripp Janet Yang Raina Dowler Simone Seven Sabrina Seven Jaiden Pangan Valerie Mata Tiare Mata Osi Holt Sophia De’Shea Lavende Director : Barbara Klaskin Silberg "Geni Strings LA" (USA) Edward Cadow Natalie Cadow Grace Ellzey Ian Lee Produced by : Sherry Cadow and Amy Ellzey "Mamelodi Choir" (South Africa) Moshe Gaolahle Faith Phumzile Tumisho Rea Thobile Mpho Produced by : Nana THANKS TO PARENTS Oleg Sadikova, Tamara Sadikova (Russia) James Hale, Eva Hale (USA) Gary Niederauer, Alexandra Niederauer (USA) Kerrie and Tom Everitt (Canada) Varshan Sathish, Jhansi (India) Daniel Bijan (Canada) Dan Carollo, Susan Carollo (USA) Masanori Sato (Japan) Alois Aloo (South Africa) Hiren Shah , Jigisha Shah (USA) Freddie and Cassandra Tisdale (USA) Suril Udeshi, Chaitalii Udeshi (India) Lennox & Paula Flynn (USA) TEACHERS Olga Shevelevich (Russia) Tricia Grey, Maria McDaniel (USA) Varshan Sathish (India) Nana (South Africa) Barbara Klaskin Silberg (Director) (USA) Kelsey McCowan (USA) Vinod Vaishnaiv, Saptak School of Music (India) Barbara Klaskin Silberg (Director) (USA) Sherry Cadow and Amy Ellzey (USA) RECORDING STUDIOS Dare Studios (USA) Varshan Studios Chennai (India) Called to Create (USA) YSGK Studio (Japan) The Fresh Cut Records (South Africa) Rumble Studios (USA) The Village Studio (USA) Echelon Studio (USA) Harmony Studios (India) The Village Studio (USA) Real Feel Recording (USA) DiaDan Studios (USA) Splice Studios (India) Lotus Feet (India) SOUND ENGINEERS James Hale Michael Epstine Kartik Shah Varshan Sathish Daniel Bijan Paul Miller Masanori Sato Christiaan Rabie Arpit Gandhi Jeff Gartenbaum Joseph McQueen Vijay Advani Will Snyder Ryan DeRemer ASSISTANT ENGINEERS Annette Cisneros Eve Reichstad Video Direction and Editing : Kartik Shah ( Maati Baani ) VIDEOGRAPHERS Peter Blaha James Hale Greg Horowitz Photography Murali Subramaniam Daniel Bijan James Starlin Masanori Sato Roger Van Der Merwe Arpit Gandhi / Jigisha Shah Kayte Deioma Creative Prashant Pipaliya Jacob Lee / Andre Watson Mohit Soni Tom Edwards SPECIAL THANKS Alexander Andrushchenko (Translator) Charlie Koyoma (Translator) School of Rock the Musical, Andrew Lloyd Webber Sammamish City Hall (filmed on location) Follow Us On: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter:
Posted February 11, 2021
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