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    I think we all probably wished that there was some way we could do something. I know I heard it through the grapevine that the 1st trial broke his heart, but second trial completely devastated him. #1st pic was when we were oblivious, and so naive. #2nd...  more
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    • Peace N. Love
      Moonwalker Jacki What we can do is tell others to watch the "Square One" documentary by Danny Wu and we can support Taj Jackson who is working on a new documentary that will add further proof that Michael was falsely accused and that he was, is, and always will be...  more
    • Peace N. Love
      Peace N. Love Moonwalker Jacki- I did watch the "Square One" documentary, it was awesome. I also watched Alive 1-4, that was really good as well. I did NOT like the peace of trash, "Leaving Neverland". I felt like the main objective of it was to destroy Michael...  more