Michael Jackson Day 29th August Every year starting 2024.

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    December 9, 2023 5:17 PM PST

    Michael Jackson Day

    29th August Every year starting 2024.

    Michael Jackson is the world’s greatest entertainer and worlds leading humanitarian. A lot of his humanitarian work was done quietly as it was not a media play but instead from the heart. He gave in epic proportions his time, money and love. Now it’s time to give back to this beautiful man by carrying on his work and keeping his legacy, who he was and what he stands for alive!

    Starting on 29th August 2024 we the ones who love Michael and all he represents will be making this day every year, Michael Jackson day. On that day we will flood the internet with dedications in the form of videos tributes by way of singing, dance, music, fan videos, spoken messages, written posts, art and any other imaginative way thought of to spread love, peace and awareness of his work.

    Then at 19:33 Indiana time, the time and place Michael was born, we will all stop what we are doing, light a candle (or if underage or not safe to light a candle, use a battery-operated candle or torch) and play Michael’s song “CRY” while we focus on love, light and visualise the world healed in all its magnificence. Live streaming this is encouraged or if not possible to live stream, then recording and posting after or just quietly focus in silence.

    Some of you might be able to have big parties, others might be acting solo. You are all an important part of this adventure as the mind is powerful. We all have the ability to create but many of use create from fears in our subconscious or conditioning. If we all think and feel love at the same time, we can contribute in a small way to the phenomenal work Michael dedicated his life to.

    Let’s make this a celebration of life and love. Start telling all your friends and making plans for what you will be doing on the day. Make a note of the time difference in your area so we are all thinking love and playing the song “Cry” at 19:33 Indiana time. You can have your parties, gatherings and do tributes at a time that suits you but let’s keep the song “Cry” and our meditation for light and love for 19:33 Indiana time.

    I love you all,