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To start my own court

  • Baruch Ha'Shem Elohim.
    I am not Hasidic.
    However , I have decided as a Mequbbal.
    To start my own court .
    Altho it will be unique from any other court that has ever existed .
    This court will accept Yahusha.
    You will not be asked to renounce him in order to join this community.
    Also , You will be taught (litteraly) every style of Torah study .
    Including Kabballah.
    Which The Master's of the Zohar stated.
    That he whom learns Kabballah is (higher) than a sage or a scholar.
    Everything ranging from.
    Sanhedrin style law.
    Psuedopigrapha .
    And all manner of things shall be upheld in this court.
    And on the curriculum.
    This courts soul mission will be the preservation of (all) sacred scripture and it's teachings .
    Also how to bring light to every man and to free him from his hell like bondage.
    The Latin motto
    The handshakes.
    The door knocks
    The passwords
    The logo and symbolism.
    Has all been thought out.
    To give a sense of mystery and solidarity.
    Everyone enjoys a secret mystery school or two.
    Also the style shall be (Havruta).
    Whilst still remaining reverent to one's Rebbe.
    However each member will have a seat and part in the judgments renderd.
    We shall labour in the word and doctrine to perfect method of worship.
    And when new information arises we shall adjust accordingly and make righteous decrees and practices .
    We shall be diverse .
    And also hold peace talks between people .
    As it is written .
    1 Timothy 5:17 (KJV) Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour,
    \ud83d\udc49especially they who labour in the word and doctrine
    Those whom join now will have equal say in the establishing and perfecting of it's doctrine and ordinances.
    As co-founders.