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Extraterrestrial intelligence (True Kabballah).

  • Baruch Ha'Shem Elohim.
    (True Kabballah).
    For many of you whom do not know what (Kabballah) is.
    It litteraly translates in two ways .
    The first is (discipline)
    The second (To receive).
    There can be NO (Torah)
    Without (discipline).
    For the Torah teaches discipline.
    However , it is good to be disciplined (first) before studying Torah.
    If it is not so then it shall be the Torah disciplining you.
    And most of it's ordinances are death sentences.
    It is very hard for a man to cease to do something (even if it's a death sentence) after having received only (one) warning.
    Therefore it is good to start how the original sages of the world started.
    And oddly enough, it is good to (finish) how the original sages started.
    At the first, man did not look (up) for Ha'Shem.
    He looked (within).
    And he had none other schoolmaster than the best and truest of teachers, which is (life).
    The fundamental teachings of all the wisdom we uphold today.
    Are based on this method of (discipline).
    They are the method and (practice) of
    (knowing thyself) realizing what is flawed and then dedicating one's life to fixing , mending and refining one's self in these areas, this is (The way).
    Proverbs 6:23 (KJV) For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and
    \ud83d\udc49reproofs of instruction are the way of life\ud83d\udc48:
    The other half of the method , is to be able to recognize the lessons in each life event which may occur in your life.
    Life is a never ending (revelation) and (dialogue) with Ha'Shem.
    And as it is written .
    Proverbs 15:31 (KJV) The ear that heareth the
    \ud83d\udc49reproof of life\ud83d\udc48 abideth among the wise.
    The best place to start is to observe and learn from nature.
    For instance., Have you ever beheld the night sky when it is full of clouds and you cannot see the stars ?
    Does this not tell you to not worry when your good deeds go unnoticed, because even the brightest of lights are concealed sometimes ?
    One may even observe the beasts , and ponder on what makes him different from them.
    His own Godlike qualities, and once he has knowledge of them he can refine them.
    Because this \u261d\ufe0f is the goal.
    To put (off) the beast like nature and to put on Ha'Shem's own divine nature so that we may be with him.
    Once you have done this and disciplined yourself.
    Then you may study Torah.
    Not only will you discover more wisdom and knowledge of the self.
    But it will be easier for you to (practice) the additional discipline that you receive.
    And you'll be prepared
    (once you have masterd scriptures) to revert back to stage one.
    And allow life to test , rebuke and teach you.
    All over again .
    This time without scripture so that it needs not be premeditated and Ha'Shem may know your heart .
    And for you to (apply) the teachings that you received into the situations that may occur.
    There are many (Rabbis).
    But one is not a true (master) untill he has gained
    (self mastery)
    And one has not (mastered) the scriptures.
    Untill he (practices) them perfectly.
    Wether it be from within, or nature , or scriptures.
    The path is the path of Godly virtue and self correction , to develop divine nature .
    As stated above (Kabballah) means (to receive).
    Discipline may be (received) through Torah or through life .
    Altho as stated it is much easier to start with nature .
    And it is near mastery to end with nature.
    To be (spiritually) minded is (life).
    Kabballah is the looking glass of virtue and abstracts .
    When a Kabbalist reads the scriptures.
    He sees the discipline behind the method.
    The virtue that it produces, and the abstracts such as (wisdom) and (charity) also (love) working with one another and thus he understands himself and the world and how these interact with the self and the creation .
    Thus he is able to see within the hearts of men.
    Merely by knowing himself, because we are all of the original and one mind
    And TRUE Kabballah.
    Is (Torah) based.
    These things even apply to the Besorah and Yahusha .
    A Kabbalist learns from everything .
    As a true student never lacks a master.
    The Kabbalist can turn ANY situation into positive gain .
    This \u261d\ufe0f is Kabballah.
    Baruch Ha'Shem Elohim.
    Baruch Yahusha Ha Notzri.