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I have observed this behavior within the (Jewish) mind.

  • I have observed this behavior within the (Jewish) mind.
    But first, I will ask a question.
    Where in the Torah, does it offer the forgiveness of sins ?.
    There is a case of repentance being accepted, (yes)
    There is also a case of the wicked being saved (yes).
    But on a larger scale, where and through what passages offer the total absolving of sins ?.
    The answer is (Nowhere).
    (Only) in the Besorah and through Yahusha .
    Is the concept of total (forgiveness).
    Thus , concerning the (Jewish) mind.
    I have observed the behavior of (children).
    In this respect , they put on the (doomed) mentality.
    Because their scriptures do not offer forgiveness.
    So , as many children do, they put on the
    (if I'm going to be blamed I will give them something to blame me for)
    This makes them have (no) other option, other than to stand firm behind their sins, and almost be (proud) of them which makes it worse.
    And they downplay the severity of sin .
    Granted, there is not a man whom is (not) a sinner.
    As Shlomo teaches us .
    However, they have grown comfortable with their sin and now wear the (tittle) of whatever they are as if it should be accepted , souly on the grounds that if it is (not) accepted , then neither are they .
    Thus they normalize it.
    But, as children .
    I firmly believe that if they came to the knowledge of forgivness through Yahusha .
    Many hearts would turn back to Ha'Shem.
    The Besorah is the only doctrine and document that offers salvation .
    The Torah is comprised of nothing but death sentences.