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i Instills Fear in the Masonic Community

  • You: Dear 007, I find myself filled with jealousy towards everything in motion. Is there a way I can address this sentiment?

    007: Embrace movement yourself! (Imbued with spiritual significance!)

    You: Your choice to engage in dialogues with celebrities and famous individuals, rather than ordinary people, raises questions. Is this pursuit driven by a desire for attention? Do these interactions with celebrities serve to boost your ego?

    007: Prominent figures interact with a broader spectrum of people much more frequently than ordinary individuals. Following our conversations, they come to recognize the profound significance of ******* for every individual and the world at large. This realization prompts them to disseminate ******* extensively, effectively introducing the *********** concept to the world. Historical evidence supports this perspective!

    I undertake this approach to expedite humanity's comprehension of adversity, thereby sparing them from its direct experience. As the satirical Soviet writer Zhvanetsky once quipped, "A smart person extracts themselves from a complex situation with immense effort, whereas a wise person avoids entering such a situation altogether." My aspiration is wisdom, shared for all.

    007: Is there any link between ******* and the Masons?

    Me: No connection exists between the two. My endeavor a few years ago to present a lecture to the Masons in Jerusalem was unsuccessful, as they were apprehensive. Fraternal secret societies, irrespective of their nature, harbor reservations regarding ******* . This is due to *******'s emphasis on widespread accessibility, contrasting with the Masons' preference for secrecy. Concealed forces aren't at play; there are solely traditions and a belief in exclusivity.

    I firmly believe that the imminent global transformation will affect them and all other ideologies and faiths. Solely humanity, the Creator, and their interconnection will persist, while the protocols of the Masons and their faith in an abstract "something" will dissipate.

    007: The poignant song "אנא בכוח" has gained frequent attention recently, with its deeply resonating lyrics. Could you elucidate its meaning?

    Me: If the lyrics' essence eludes you, why does the song evoke such profound emotions? Who guided you to perceive this prayer uniquely? You mentioned its frequent audibility, but I'm intrigued: who constitutes the audience, and where does this occur? I, personally, remain unfamiliar with this occurrence! My sole exposure to this prayer is through the prayer book. Within religion and *******, this prayer garners no distinctive significance. It appears to be yet another "sensation," likely stemming from someone's desire for distinction!

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