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"Between Light & Dark"

  • She was always drawn to the mysterious, the unknown, the secrets hidden in the shadows. It was a part of her that she could not deny, a driving force that pulled her towards the darkness.
    And yet, even as she sought out the mysteries of the world, she found herself caught in a web of emotions that she could not escape. There were moments of sadness and pain that seemed to swallow her whole, moments when she wondered if the darkness had consumed her completely.
    But there were also moments of light and hope, when she felt as if she was soaring high above the world, free and untethered. It was a mixture of emotions that left her feeling both exhilarated and scared, for she never knew which would come next.
    She often found herself lost in thought, lost in the depths of her own mind, stuck between light and darkness as she tried to make sense of the conflicting emotions within her. She wondered if there was anyone out there who could understand her, who could see past the darkness and into the heart of who she truly was.
    Was there a person out there who could understand her, like she tried to understand everyone else? She didn't know for sure  for her the question was always "Will she embrace the flame, or be consumed by its burn?" & She could never know !