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The post I did not want to write.

  • Why does a certain pain in the ass on here J*** always start whining so much about everything nowadays?

    Personally, I think she is an arsehole with no sense of humour fishing for some kind of sympathy trying to take advantage of someone's good intentions. 

    It's not just her, all these fake people really need to just get over themselves and grow up and stop throwing tantrums over such trivial nonsense they could easily focus their time on other more important things and ignore or simply just unfriend or block an imaginary enemy.

    Some people are their own worst enemy the world's got more important things to deal with than a snowflake ego.

    People who whine all day long, especially online, they ain't ever lived.

    You should try working on you, try to become a high value women, like my friend told you already. Start saving up, to travel the world, like I do with my beautiful woman. I don't get offended by stupid things or stupid people

    I think its time people grew the heck up. And stop blaming the world or people for problems.

    The so called offensive ones are just honest and true

    Jesus Christ rant over