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Ravenwolf- About Love...Finding True Love Blog #6

  • Ravenwolf- About Love...Finding True Love Blog #6
    Our most cherished memories are not of days, but of moments...and we always tend to remember the feelings that were stirred in us during those moments.  I found the writings of Ravenwolf on Facebook and share some of them because many desire to love and be our search for love, we should be on a quest to find our true love- our soul mate- the one created by God to literally fulfill our lives, making us upright and complete. jacki
    "Life isn't always going to have great events and exciting times.
    It’s those quiet moments we spend together, just the two of us, stolen away from the world that we will always truly cherish.
    Everyone always says you’ll remember the big things- the anniversaries and events, the grand to dos of a life well lived.
    But as I look over at you, your hand nestled softy on my arm, I realize those aren’t the feelings that I’ll always carry in my heart.
    It’s times like this, the frozen moments that make my soul content as my heart sighs.
    Limbs entangled and your beautiful smile illuminating the night, these are the moments that matter most to me.
    These are the memories that I’ll forever cherish-
    With you by my side and love in my heart, there is nothing more priceless than being wrapped up in your arms.
    So, let's celebrate the fireworks and flash,
    but always remember it's the time we spend together in the still of the night, quiet and full of love...
    these are the deepest and most heartfelt keepsakes of our life together.
    Waking up to see you walk into the room dressed in my oversized dress shirt makes my heart smile in ways I had never dreamt possible.
    Thank you for being you...and more than anything,
    Thank you for sharing this life and this love with me.
    You will always be my baby, my princess, my lady and greatest triumph.
    You showed me a way and a depth that I had never seen or felt before..
    And now, nothing else makes sense without you.
    You're my rhyme, my reason, and my one true thing.
    You showed me a life and a love that I never thought possible.
    More than anything, when I’m with you, everything just makes sense.
    I love you..
    More today than yesterday and never as much as I will tomorrow..
    Always and forever."