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Ravenwolf- About Love...Finding True Love Blog #1

  • Ravenwolf- About Love...Finding True Love Blog #1
    I believe in true love- in the divine purity of marriage- and in having a passionate relationship! I found the writings of Ravenwolf on Facebook and personally enjoy reading them. I want to share some of them because I believe many desire to love and be our search for love, most importantly, we should be on a quest to find our true love- our soul mate- the one created by God to literally fulfill our lives, making us upright and complete. jacki
    "A little girl once made a promise to herself that she vowed to never forget:
    She would always chase her dreams,
    But she would always remain true to herself.
    That same little girl became an amazing woman, successful and independent.
    The difference between her and all the rest?
    She didn't sell her soul to make it to the top.
    She fought, clawed and sacrificed every step of the way and earned everything she achieved.
    She wasn’t just a pretty face, she was a beautiful soul with a fierce heart.
    Anyone that underestimated her discovered their mistake quickly.
    The most amazing part of this strong woman?
    She kept that little girl's promise.
    She lifted the others that no one would even acknowledge.
    She picked up the fallen and carried them until they could carry themselves.
    She would fix the crown of another without telling the world it was crooked.
    Never forgotten were her beginnings,
    Never lost was her vow made so long ago.
    Those who crossed her path could only wonder what it was that made this woman so soulfully beautiful.
    That intangible quality that defied description was her depth that most would fail to understand..
    The passion of her heart,
    The radiance of her soul,
    The courage of her spirit.
    If you ever met her,
    And truly saw her for the person she was,
    That's when you realized what others sometimes missed.
    She was beautiful, not for her makeup, hair or style,
    But for all the things that truly matter.
    Heart. Character. Love. Passion.
    She’d leave an impression on you,
    Not on your eyes, but somewhere so much deeper.
    Her unique way of touching your depths was most remarkable and indescribable.
    She didn't need a spotlight,
    She shone from within.
    After all, she was so much more than eye candy...
    She was soul food."
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  • julieD wow
  • pyzaz Incredible Jacki!
  • Moonwalker Jacki I am that little girl, pyzaz. I'm ending a relationship that I've been in since 2006 with someone who wanted to convince me that "love" included severe emotional and verbal abuse. So, I begin at age 50(!), allowing myself to redefine, or...  more
  • pyzaz Oh wow sorry to hear this but am so glad you are ending it for your sake!...Stay strong friend!.....We are here if you need support!..... Lots of love your way!