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You- A Poem

  • I'm so happy to post this new poem written by one of JE's talented members! One of the things I LOVE about JE- being here stirs love and creativity in people! It's a welcome awakening, as we need such beautiful things in our lives. To our anonymous poet, thank you so much for sharing this with us!


    Hey you
    Yes, it's you!
    Am I blind
    For not seeing you?
    Am I insensitive to not feel your presence
    Why can't I love you as you do to me
    Every time I'm feeling down,
    You're always there to help me to get up and fix myself
    When my eyesight was unclear
    And my eyes were lustered with tears
    You were there helping me to dry it up
    In my darkest hours, you were there to help me to see the light in every aspect, no matter how dim it is
    When I'm ready to give up
    You were there to remind me of my worth
    You always pushed me beyond my own
    Every time I think of myself as useless and worthless,
    You always remind me of how strong I am
    In every moment I came to be asking questions to myself and have a doubt about my being,
    Why I didn't hear the song
    You've sung to me
    In every tear, in every sadness, in every hope, in every happiness, and every laughter,
    You were there by my side,
    In my strength and weakness
    You always lend me your helping hands
    The patience you've given to me
    The love you've put on to me
    You never get tired of me
    What you've done to me is the love I cannot see, the unselfish love you share with me. I was too blind to see all those things.
    If we can meet again someday,
    Can I love you?
    Can I stay by your side?
    Can I hold your hand?
    Can I kiss you?
    Will you be the same person as I've known before?
    Will, you still love me again also
    I prayed to God for allowing me to meet you someday.

  • Moonwalker Jacki What a breath of fresh air!! I was genuinely blessed to receive this poem last night and look forward to seeing more of poetry, music, etc that's been created by JE members in 2022!
  • Moonwalker Jacki You're welcome and I hope you enjoy being a member of JE! It's a great place to EXPERIENCE MICHAEL'S L.O.V.E.
  • MishielT57 beautiful:);)
  • pyzaz Awe.....thank you for sharing this Jacki.....this is so beautiful!....I love reading poems!....I used to write poems back in the day!