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Others See Wishes

  • I had a friend named Wally.  He was a former mayor of the city I live in and he, unlike me(!), was a very wealthy man.  He used his wealth and wisdom to make great improvements to the community, especially for the less fortunate. 

    We were making BIG plans to partner together, but a few weeks after the covid shut downs began, he unexpectedly passed away.  I was absolutely devastated!  I loved him so much and I had restructured my entire ministry/business to work with him.  My "vision"---it seemed lost...

    Recently, I've been preparing to reopen my business (a second-hand thrift store/charity shop meant to raise money to help others).  Today was one of our first days open to the public.  A lady came in and introduced herself.  We've never met, but she looked around and thanked me for serving the community.  Then, she said, "I used to work Wally.  I was his assistant and I've been so sad because he worked so hard to improve the city and his work may never continue."  

    I looked at her, with tears in my eyes, and I said, "It's not coincidence that you came to my store today.  I am the one he was planning to partner with.  If you are interested in helping me, we can do this!"

    What may be more coincidental is that before I went to work today, I was remembering Michael Jackson's humanitarian work and I was encouraged because I know others are continuing on with it.  Michael did wonderful things and he was motivated by love to change the world...but do you remember his lyrics, "I can't do this by myself."  I understand what he meant---the needs are overwhelming.  It's been my prayer for several years that Michael Jackson's fans would hear his message and carry on his humanitarian work. I've prayed that the "soldiers of love" would reach out to help others, and even if it's just one other person, the world could be changed and be a better place. 

    I dedicate this video to my friend Wally and also to Michael---I pray that all of their wishes come true! Some pass away or even just grow weary before the fullness of their work is complete, but what remains is the seeds they have planted in others!