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A Song of Healing- Chopin Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2

  • A Song of Healing- Chopin Op 9 No. 2

    I just felt prompted to share this earlier and I hope it is a blessing. 

    This year has been a challenge for many, but I believe there is a purpose behind all of our struggles. The year 2020 has given us an opportunity to slow down, examine our lives, and get a clearer perspective about our future.  I have a lot of hope for the coming months and years, but there's no doubt our bodies and minds have suffered some...

    I've studied quite a bit about music and I know that music can be a very powerful force.  It can bring comfort and healing.  I'm not a musician, but I've worked with and trained prophetic worship leaders.  Prophetic worship leaders sing known songs, but they are also skilled at tapping into the spiritual realm and singing the songs of heaven.

    When people say Michael Jackson had the voice of an angel, they may not realize that what they are saying is most likely very true. I personally believe that a lot of his songs are nearly, if not completely, heavenly---with the pureness of his heart, the inspiration behind a lot of his music, and the sounds and tones he produces, his voice can be like a healing instrument. 

    I do not know as much about classical music as I would like to, but this song in particular is one that I believe has restorative elements...almost like it can bring your DNA back into alignment or, at least, help balance your emotions!!

    If you feel like you need a little healing- body, soul, or mind- consider listening to this classical work.  Relax and let it soothe you...It may even speak to your heart somehow.