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Hey, Hey, Hey!

  • Hey, Hey, Hey!

    I've been wanting to share it for a few days...I don't watch many movies, but this one kept popping up as a recommended video on Youtube recently, so I watched it. It's from 2004 and is based on a cartoon series.  There's a cute storyline and there's also a great scene at the end of the movie with Bill Cosby showing the origin of the characters for the Fat Albert cartoon series.  I watched without any expectation of the comforting comment and genuine wisdom that would come from the movie's lead character, Fat Albert, near the end of the show...

    Hey, Hey, Hey, may we always remember...

    "You can't let fear keep you from caring about someone because caring about someone is wonderful. A person you can think about and they think about you and you both know you're thinking about each other and it's just fantastic to know that there's somebody out there in the world thinking about you." Fat Albert

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