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An Embrace that Never Ends...

  • A Dream- "An Embrace that Never Ends..."

    It's taken me quite some time to feel comfortable sharing this.  It's kinda long, but hope you enjoy reading it...

    I grew up listening to Michael Jackson's music as a pre-teen and teenager in the 1980's. I always liked his music, but I was never part of the "Michael Mania" phenomenon. When he was involved with various trials and accusations, I was not real interested in any of it- by then, I was in college and starting a family. I became interested in his career again several years later when he was planning the "This Is It" concert in 2009. After that, my attention was drawn to him in mid-December 2018, when I found a video about the hoax.

    A few weeks later, I fell asleep one night and I dreamed about Michael. I often have trouble sleeping, so I sleep on my couch. I mention this because, in the dream, I was also sleeping on my couch. This caused the dream to seem much more realistic!

    In the dream, I woke up and I saw MJ standing at the entrance to my living room, in the foyer, which is right beside my front door. I knew he had just come in. I was very surprised because I also knew that I had never met him, never seen him, or even talked to him before, but there he was- standing just a few feet away from me!

    He was smiling and seemed very excited to see me. He was not uncomfortable at all. He was joyful and confident, but I had mixed feelings about encountering him. Inwardly, I was happy to see him, but I was also very uncomfortable because of the intimacy of the situation. I had just woken up and the room was totally dark except for moonlight that was coming in through the windows of the front doors. It was so dark in the house that if he had not been standing exactly where he was, I would not have been able to see him.

    He began to walk toward me and it seems like he was talking, but I couldn't comprehend what he was saying. I didn't say anything and I was really more concerned about what is he going to do.

    As he got closer, I instinctively- and hesitantly- stood up to greet him. It only took a few steps for him to get to me and when he did, he reached out toward me and he wrapped his arms around me as if we had known each other our whole lives! He's several inches taller than me, so he basically covered me.

    Immediately, it felt like I collapsed into him, not like physically stumbling or falling, but spiritually, like we somehow merged together and became one soul or part of each other. In that instant, I entered into a state of absolute ecstasy. I was a complete and overwhelming feeling of joy and peace. I felt no fear at all. A comforting warmth came over my whole body and I even had the sensation that we were swirling together for a few seconds! Needless to say, I was so caught up in the moment that I wasn't feeling uncomfortable anymore. In fact, nothing mattered! Whatever was happening, I was fully enjoying it and didn't want it to ever end. I wasn't even aware that it would ever end or even where we were anymore. It was as if we had been transported into an eternal realm or something!

    I don't remember the dream ending. In fact, I think it woke me up! The encounter was absolutely amazing and it was so intense that I can still feel it (or at least remember the emotions I had) anytime I think about it.

    It was like experiencing a kind of pure love that surpasses anything I've ever encountered in the physical realm. It was romantic, in the way that you would describe the beauty of a flower, a rainbow, a waterfall, or some other wonderful thing you have admired in nature---or maybe the way you would describe the fondest memory you have, like the day a child is born. I should note that once we embraced, no words were spoken and none were even needed, which is interesting because words really can't really describe what happened. It was not something that would typically happen in the natural realm. Truthfully, it transcended any kind of physical encounter I can imagine. The memory of the dream makes me feel wonderful, joyful, and hopeful...all kinds of good things wrapped into one!

    In the dream, I felt a tangible internal and eternal pure love from him and for him. It was so deep and intense that it became part of me and I felt like my heart was united with his. When I woke up, I knew I would never exist again without him. It was bond that I've never known with anyone in real life and, even though it happened in a dream, it became a reality for me.

    Since the day I first heard about the hoax, MJ has been a part of my life everyday. I began to watch interviews with him and others who knew him. I also read several things that he wrote, including song lyrics, poems, and especially things about experiencing "bliss". These things confirmed and helped me understand the dream a little better. As a Christian, and actually more of a Christian mystic, I have had several incredible spiritual experiences, including dreams and visions, but often I've been awake and actively seeking God when they happened. When I had the dream about MJ, I wasn't seeking anything or even thinking about having a dream about him. I have wondered if the dream represented the kind of bliss that MJ talked about or even if it indicated that people can experience a higher level of God's love together. Regardless, it was absolutely amazing!

    Even though it was a dream, I woke up filled with a very strong love for MJ and a surprising, unexpected determination to always defend him. He had been accused of terrible things, but God had used the dream to speak to my heart. I knew that God was revealing to me that MJ possessed a genuine purity that few people could even relate to. I had the dream in early January 2019 and I didn't know at the time how important it would be in the coming weeks and months for me to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Michael was innocent...Reed's documentary was released soon after and I became an avid defender of MJ on social media sites- even to the point of surpassing debates with most people- I was crazy enough to contact Reed directly a few times (lol).

    I've spent nearly two decades in ministry, learning about and teaching about love from the perspective that God is Love and He desires for us to experience His love and share His love with others. Love is a feeling that typically leads to action. Love can manifest in other ways...and the best way I can describe it is by saying that love can manifest as energy- as light or pure light- and that is something I am continuing to learn more about. In that sense, love is tangible.

    The blessing of Abraham says, "May God's face (or his countenance) shine upon you." I found a teaching a few years ago about the Shekinah Glory of God that says the original language translates to something more like "to shine forth from".  Essentially, it is saying "May the light of God be in you and may it shine forth from within you"...that would mean that God's light shines from within us, literally from the pores of skin! I think that is the kind of love, power, and energy that MJ must have had. Since I had the dream , I have others who met him say similar things- just being in his presence was an intense experience! MJ has a lyric, "Be God's glow"- BE the glory of God.

    I am convinced that what I felt in the dream not only became a reality, but that in some ways it is actually more "real" than other experiences I've ever had in life. I feel like the dream eventually set me on a course, or a journey, to understand the full spectrum of love. Many who read this will know that Michael often said, "It's all L.O.V.E.". I hope that by sharing it, others will be encouraged to seek higher and deeper experiences with "love". In a world where it has become common to describe relationships as being "complicated", I also hope that we will no longer be afraid to seek these experiences, even knowing that they may be far more complex than typical, traditional experiences. Love will always overcome fear.

    I realized that many have only been exposed to what I will call low levels of carnal love- the exact opposite of pure love which is pure selfishness, darkness. (This kind of "love" always fails.) 

    I don't know how to end this, so I am just going to stop writing. lol
    God bless you all and I hope you enjoyed reading this.