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Michael Jackson- Message of L.O.V.E.

  • I didn't come here to fall in love.  I joined JE to research and learn more about Michael Jackson's life and legacy.

    What I've found, though, is that there seems to be something magical about this place. Do you feel it?  I can't explain it, but for me, it's like fairy tales and wishful dreams all wrapped up together.

    Fans all over the world love Michael Jackson. I've been part of several fan groups, but I've never seen anything like this before. I've been more of a promoter or an activist- defending the innocence and legacy of Michael Jackson. Not professionally, but I've done it because I believe in his work and his message. It wasn't until I came here that I began to fully understood that his message, L.O.V.E. can be a real heartbreaker. I'll just say this, it's one thing to know right from wrong, but it's another to let it really impact your heart.

    I believe one reason JE is so intriguing is because of his music- yes, Michael Jackson sang of truth and he exposed issues in the world that people prefer to overlook. He also penned some of the most beautiful love songs- and here, none of the meaning of those songs is lost. We can relate because the experiences of love are universal and we all desire to be loved. Most importantly, we all desire to experience true love at some point in our life's journey.  As Michael Jackson would say, love is divine--- active love is like "divinity in motion" (I just made that last part up!). That is why we are so desperately drawn to it.

    I will always support and defend Michael Jackson. He is the Greatest Entertainer Who Ever Lived and he is one of the greatest human beings who ever lived. I know that because I've studied the greats. JE is a place where defending him is not even's been nice to be around fans who just want to celebrate his life and express their love for him.

    The love and adoration that fans at JE have for Michael Jackson is almost tangible.  There's a love here that is filled and fueled with passion- it makes you want to soar! It's the very essence of love and I've never seen anything like this before in the real world. It's like a place that Michael Jackson could have dreamed of, with a kind of creativity and diversity that just seems to flow together naturally.

    I was just thinking this morning, I hope Michael Jackson knew how loved he was. In addition to all of his titles of greatness, he may have been one the most loved people who ever lived. I don't know if there is a place for that in the Guinness Book, but it has had an enduring impact on the world. What a precious, precious man.

    I don't know what your experience here has been like. Maybe you'll like meeting other fans and enjoy the music-  it so fun to dance in the chat room! Regardless, I hope that we can all take what we experience here and make it tangible in our lives. I hope  everyone who comes here finds true love because I'm sure that is what Michael Jackson would have wanted...even if they were not looking for it.