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Michael Jackson- "Michael, We Love You"

  • This is one of my favorite Michael Jackson performances. I love everything about it, especially the message in the song...and how he the lights shine down on him at the end, making him look like a glorious star!

    The song, "Elizabeth, I Love You", was dedicated to the famous Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Taylor.  It aired on a 1997 TV Special and was performed only once. Several others entertained that evening, but I'd bet this was her favorite performance.

    Most people were and still are more accustomed to seeing him as the "King of Pop" or, as Elizabeth once said, “In my estimation, he’s the true king of pop, rock, and soul." That's far too limiting a title, actually.

    It's amazing to see two of the most famous people in the world---the icon, Michael Jackson and the icon, Elizabeth Taylor---showing such genuine love and honor toward each other.

    One other thing that I love is when fans of Michael Jackson show him the love and honor he deserves.  It couldn't have been easy trying to entertain the whole world, but he did.  For that reason, we will always say, "Michael, WE LOVE YOU!"