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Ravenwolf- About Love...Finding True Love Blog #10

  • Ravenwolf- About Love...Finding True Love Blog #10
    For many, finding true love is like entering into and exploring new or unknown territory!  Don't allow past experiences and "mistakes" to guide you through it!  Always remember that the path you have been on has been leading you TO your true love.  Never give up and don't mess it up!  I found the writings of Ravenwolf on Facebook and share some of them because many desire to love and be our search for love, we should be on a quest to find our true love- our soul mate- the one created by God to literally fulfill our lives, making us upright and complete. jacki
    "He’s something she’s never known-
    A safe place for her heart, a harbor midst any storm that she might face.
    He’s her rock, her strength, her reason.
    She’s unlike anyone he’s ever met,
    She sparkles when she talks,
    She shines when she smiles,
    Her light infuses brightly into his very soul.
    He does more than dance with her demons,
    He soothes her deepest fears with his touch.
    Her moods and battles just seem to balance out
    When he places his hand in hers.
    He didn’t know what it meant to not be alone,
    Used to standing strong and living solo,
    He wasn’t used to someone who would be there,
    Supporting him like she does through it all.
    He lives in a way that makes her pulse race,
    Invigorating her spirit with his fearless attitude,
    He brings her to edge of the wild before
    Whispering to her soul of love’s promise.
    She brings a peace to his heart he’s never found,
    A place of rest that whispers to him in the quiet,
    Telling him it’s okay to be himself, to be loved,
    That he’s safe with her, in her arms, forever.
    No matter her flights of fancy,
    Regardless where her mind may wander,
    When she’s settled back to earth,
    She knows the solace she found in him, her anchor.
    He never knew how to chase his dreams,
    Let his hopes and spirit soar with the heavens
    Until she showed up and made him realize,
    Sometimes you have to find the wings you had all along.
    They were a pair unlike any other,
    Checks and balances, yin and yang.
    They completed each other like a jigsaw puzzle,
    Found each other against impossible odds,
    Believing when love seemed so far away,
    They discovered the most unlikely thing in an improbable way.
    The perfectly imperfect love of two people
    Who never gave up on the dream that
    One day, they too,
    Would find their happily ever after.
    They found that and so much more...
    In each other, now and for always."
    Image may contain: 1 person, sleeping, text that says 'HE'S HER ROCK, SHES HIS INSPRATION. HES HER BALANCE, SHES HIS SUPPORT. HE'S HER WILD, SHE'S HIS CALM. HE'S HER ANCHOR, SHES HIS WINGS. Ravenwolf'