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Ravenwolf- About Love...Finding True Love Blog #7

  • Ravenwolf- About Love...Finding True Love Blog #7
    Never settle for anything less than true love...I found the writings of Ravenwolf on Facebook and share some of them because many desire to love and be our search for love, we should be on a quest to find our true love- our soul mate- the one created by God to literally fulfill our lives, making us upright and complete. jacki
    "Never settle for less than you deserve.
    Someone, somewhere, is dreaming of a person just like you.
    Stop thinking you’re so broken that no one will ever want you.
    You’re exactly what the person meant for you wants and needs.
    Expect and demand the very best from anyone who wants to love you-
    If they can’t give you respect, honesty and communication, then don’t give them your heart.
    A gentleman will accept your past,
    support your present and
    encourage your future.
    He will hold your hand through the rainy days and celebrate the sunshine beside you.
    He’ll never treat you like you’re his number one- you'll always be his only one.
    True love doesn't settle for being an option and it doesn't require you to sacrifice your self respect.
    Be true to yourself and know what you want.
    Be honest with him and expect the same in return.
    Love with conviction, live with passion.
    Know your worth and own it.
    If he's worth having, then he'll know that sometimes, apologizing isn't about right or wrong,
    but the importance of the relationship.
    Happily ever after doesn't take detours, make excuses or act disrespectfully.
    Take charge of your life and love on your terms, without exception.
    Sometimes, life will knock you down, but together, you can weather any storm.
    Never stop loving yourself, never stop believing and never stop chasing your dreams.
    Fairy tales do come true, but they all start with you.
    Decide to fight for what truly matters,
    and happiness will always find a way...if you let it.
    Choose to embrace life and be open to love and happiness.
    In the end, what’s meant to be will always find a way if you’re receptive.
    So often, hearts and minds close the door of opportunity.
    It’s your life and your choice.
    One line at a time, one chapter each day.
    Write your story anew and begin to believe that you, too, can have anything you want if you never settle or give up.
    If you’re going to settle, only settle for the best.
    If you’re going to give up, only give up your heart to the right one.
    If you’re going to let go, let go of your past to make way for your future.
    Show him your heart...and he’ll show you a true and honest love.
    He’ll be the man that will finally make you forget your heart was ever broken."
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  • julieD brought me to tears
  • pyzaz My family always told us this growing up: "Mejor sola que mala accompaniada" which means....Better off alone than in the wrong company! I heard it so many times that it is forever engraved in the back of my mind!