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How I understand Michael's loneliness

  • I understand Michael probably more than anyone of his fans he came into my dreams one night when I used to be afraid of thunderstorms and I was running in the grocery store going to get something and I ran into him and fell down and everyone was standing around us and I asked him how do you get over your fear of thunderstorms and he said you pray no matter what you pray and keep praying until God answerers then I woke up and started listening to his music and watching his concerts and watching his interviews and reading and watching everything I could about him and the more I did the more I fell in love with him because his life and mine are quite alike his dad didn't really like him just like my mom doesn't really like me and he was always looking for a relationship with someone who would always love him but he never could find one just like me I always am looking for the right relationship with someone but can't find one either so I know how lonely and unloved he felt except for being loved by his family and fans but I mean for a real relationship with a wife I know how much pain he went through suffering without knowing that kind of joy I mean sure he knew what it was like to be in love but she broke his heart just like I've been in love so many times many many many many times that I can't even count how many times my heart was taken and crushed to pieces I wish Michael were here right now to hold me and hug me I wish I could tell him I understand the pain and loneliness he suffered but I can't I love you Michael so much I hope you know that with every breath and beat of my heart I love you and you fans of his too I hope you all have a great day and God bless you all.