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Michael Jackson Got Major Payback After Eminem Dissed Him

  • While Michael Jackson was alive, he and Eminem had intense issues. However, as fate would have it, MJ seems to have the last laugh — even beyond the grave.

    During Eminem’s early years, you know he didn’t mind taking low-blows at other artists. One of those was Michael Jackson. Jackson couldn’t understand why the rapper targeted him, especially since Michael had never beefed with any of his fellow artists.


    Reportedly, Jackson questioned Eminem’s motives several times without taking action against him. However, the rapper persisted. So, that’s when Michael seemingly had enough.

    Now, Eminem has toned down…


    Yet, it unfortunately took a lot of life lessons for that to happen. Nevertheless, at this point, the rapper claims to have a much better understanding of what Michael Jackson went through, given his own turmoils of recent-past years.

    But surely, you want to know how Jackson has the last laugh, right?