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I wish that i also could say...

  • ...that I was his friend..

    ....i knew him.. i talk to him every day.. i laugh with him daily, and we just can´t stop..


    Michael..The most talented person that's ever existed on this planet

    The one with the most beautiful smile

    The eyes...pure honesty

    The heart and soul...made of gold

    If we all just could be and think more like him..The world would be a better place




    Sorry for my bad english. Trying to write after a bad trauma last year. I ended up in a respirator with brain-damage ,cerebral hemorrahage and facial fractures. So that´s why i don´t write or answer often <3

    But I believe his alive (always in my heart anyway) and that´s the reason i keep on struggling

    With Love // Henrietta from Sweden

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