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In My Silent Dream

  • I silently watched you
    From miles and miles away
    With millions of fans longing
    For your attention and
    Wishing that one day they could be in front of you
    To hold and hug you tight

    But one day you're with me
    Holding my hands
    And you cuddle me tight
    While we dance under the moonlight
    With the slow music of a love song
    All i can hear is your voice like an angel
    Saying i love you
    And the beat of your heart
    Which is much more beautiful and
    Louder than the music playing

    Suddenly i opened my eyes
    And realize it was just a dream
    A dream of every fan of yours,
    Dreaming of what would happen to them
    To be with you even in a dream

    I love you in silent
    And in that silence
    No one else is with you
    But only me