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24 years ago today - my life changed forever

  • Today marks my 24th anniversary of seeing the man in person. I have many times closed my eyes and relived that moment, when he stood right in front of me, his eyes, looking a bit lost, were emphasized behind the mask and fedora. I wasn't sure how it will happen, I was 12 years old about to shake hands with the biggest superstar in the world. Knowing I don't have much time, I focused my intention to convey gratitude and awe and kind of thank him with my eyes, not remotely ready to fall in love. When it was my turn in line, I automatically reached out my hand to greet him, his hand was the softest I ever touched and it completely secured mine. 

    He was at the start of his HIStory World Tour, an incredibly busy man, but not too busy to greet his fans and after that moment I knew he was the real deal and I would have to keep a pact with him and his fans. The thing with Michael is that he was only one man, but knowing he had inspired so many other people, I knew I would never have to be alone again. So today I officially subscribed to JE and I feel fortunate and happy to have a place in which I can fully manifest my promise and give back of all the lessons of LOVE that made the person that I am today. After so many years, his impact is still so much present and exciting, all thanks to you..